Our Story

Our Story

Naomi’s Kitchen Event Caterers started many moons ago by our boss lady Naomi in her family home in Dalkey, Co.Dublin. She has successfully developed it to become one of the most respected and award-winning boutique events catering companies in Ireland since it's establishment in 2005.

However, since March of 2020, some facets of our business completely ceased overnight as a direct result of Covid-19. Instead of leaving our kitchen dormant with no use, we leapt onboard the Feed the Heroes initiative, delivering lunch drop-offs to tired and weary frontline workers. It was an incredibly fulfilling endeavor – made achievable thanks to an army of plucky volunteers and the incredibly generous Irish public. 

Following on from Feed The Heroes, we experienced a sudden demand from our regular customers and clients. Many of them were seeking a supply and delivery of premium, handmade, ready meals to either feed staff that were suddenly working remotely, nourish cocooning loved ones, or to simply feed their hungry household after a day of trying to juggle homeschooling and work. Instantaneously our troop of amazingly loyal customers started requesting us to source off-menu items such as; a “good olive oil; eggs; or a bouquet of flowers to cheer up the house”. All of these genius demands led us to to our next exciting adventure - Naomi's Kitchen At Home!

We believe that all good cooks should enjoy a night off, so we’re there to jump in and take the pressure off when you need it most. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to check us out.